Gogo Trays

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These beautiful handwoven trays are ideal for any home space.

A strong sturdy tray, ideal for serving drinks and snacks or even create your own pop up bar by placing the tray ontop of a luggage rack.

TECHNIQUE - These traditional methods of weaving are unique to eSwatini and have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Lavumisa technique used to make our trays is a tighter, stitched weave where fibres are spun around bundles of a stiff grass called cand sewn together to create sturdy shapes. This method is only used by groups in the Lavumisa area of eSwatini where weavers have mastered their craft over many generations.

Made From: Lutindzi grass and Lukhasi. The grass is harvested in the eSwatini mountains and Lukhasi a stronger, thicker reed is found in the swamp areas. The Lukhasi is in the core of our more sturdier products.

Dimensions: 40cm diam