Trim Colour Placemats

Trim Colour Placemats

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Simple and stylish hand woven grass placemats

Each placemats is individually produced by one of our 780 rural eSwatini artisans.

Ideal for housewarming or wedding gifts

TECHNIQUE - The placemats are produced by braiding long strands of luntindzi grass. together. These plaits are then woven, coiled, shaped, and sewn together.

MATERIAL - Lutindzi grass is harvested directly from the eSwatini mountains. The sisal, a regenerating weed is sourced from the Lavumisa area.

All our materials are dye using environmentally friendly German dyes imported from South Africa

MADE FROM - Indiginous eSwatini grass, Luntindzi and Sisal.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - easy to clean with a damp cloth or dry brush with a tooth brush


  • Small - 28cm diam
  • Medium - 32cm diam