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Gogo Christina's Plant Pot

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We believe in constantly reinventing traditional weaving techniques.  With the help of Gogo 'Grandmother' Christina this beautifully unique plant pot was designed. 

Region of Production

Unique to the Lavusmisa region of Swaziland these intricately designed woven baskets are stitched together using the Lutindzi grass coiled around bundles of Lukhasi grass.


Lutindzi - is sourced directly from the mountains of Swaziland. It is sustainably harvested by cutting above the root and is proven to be waterproof and stain-resistant due to its strong, waxy finish.

Lukhasi - a strong, thick grass which is found in the swamp areas and used in its raw form as the strengthening core of our sturdy products

All our materials are dye using environmentally friendly German dyes imported from South Africa


Gogo Pot - 16cm diam x 15cm high 

Plant Hanger - 22cm diam x 82cm high

Inclusive of the plant hanger.