Gogo Cooking Pot

Gogo Cooking Pot

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Inspired by Bonakele's life line collection, this exquisite Gogo pot add unique elegance to any interior space.
Bonakele's Story 
Bonakele is Siphiwe’s first-born daughter. Like her, she left school at 16, when she became pregnant. She was depressed about this, but her daughter
gave her joy. She learnt to weave from her mother and joined Gone Rural to support her child. Bonakele has a good relationship with her husband,
but he does not have permanent employment. There are many ups and downs in their life. She wishes for more orders of woven vases so she could work more
herself. This is her prayer for the future.

Lutindzi - is sourced directly from the mountains of Swaziland. It is sustainably harvested by cutting above the root and is proven to be waterproof and stain-resistant due to its strong, waxy finish.

Sisal - a regenerating weed from the Lavumisa area of Swaziland, provides a fine fibre that can be dyed a spectrum of bright and light colours. 

Lukhasi - a strong, thick grass which is found in the swamp areas and used in its raw form as the strengthening core of our sturdy products

All our materials are dye using environmentally friendly German dyes imported from South Africa

Care instructions 

Easy to clean with a damp cloth