Bread Baskets

Bread Baskets

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These beautiful baskets combine a tactile, rustic weave with vibrant, contemporary colours to provide an eye-catching look to your table.

Ideal for serving snacks or neatly storing any knick-knacks.

The process of creating our beautiful handmade products starts with the raw materials. Lutindzi is the original material of Gone Rural and is used in almost every product in our range. The journey begins when this fibrous grass is harvested by women in the mountains of eSwatini. Our production team purchases the grass and takes it back to our workshop in Malkerns, where it is dyed. The dyed grass is then returned to our 13 weaving groups with an order for specific pieces. Our skilled artisans weave the pieces from home. A few weeks later, the production team returns to purchase the finished products from each group, and brings them back to the workshop for packaging.

Available in two different sizes
18cm diam x 8cm high
25cm diam x 10cm high

Easy to clean with a damp cloth or brush with a tooth brush