Bread Bowl - Utility Collection

Bread Bowl - Utility Collection

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A perfect solution to keep your fruit and nuts these beautiful baskets add a lovely rustic touch to any table setting.


Lutindzi is the original material that inspired Gone Rural's products. Sourced from the mountains of Swaziland, the grass can be dyed a variety of colours and woven into a range of shapes and designs. It is sustainably harvested by cutting above the root and is proven to be waterproof and stain-resistant due to its strong, waxy finish. Sisal, a regenerating weed from the Lavumisa area of Swaziland, provides a fine fibre that can be dyed a spectrum of bright and light colours. Both fibres are dyed using environmentally friendly German dyes imported from South Africa.

Technique of Production

The plaiting technique - a traditional method, unique to eSwatini and passed on from generation to generation - has been used since Gone Rural's inception to create placemats, coasters and bread baskets. It involves using a dyed fibre, such as lutindzi, which is braided into long strands. These plaits are then woven, coiled, shaped and sewn together to create a range of products.

Size - 24cm diam x 8cm high